vegan skincare.

Scent Burner + Scented Cube

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This bundle contains the following items:

  • A full size scented cube
  • Scent Burner
  • Tealight

Available in six scents: 

  • White Musk: fresh and floral musk with lotus
  • Oriental: rich warm and sweet spices
  • Amber Rose: rose garden with a subtle hint of warm amber
  • Oudh: fresh spices with a hint of musk
  • Black Musk: soft, fresh and warm spices
  • Amber Fruit: light, fresh and fruity

How to use: 

Lit a small candle and place it on the burner. Place your favorite scented cube on top. Sit back and relax with a cup of tea and allow the oils in the scented cube to melt.